If We Had Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You
By John O’Donovan

- Time Out Sydney


On a night of drug-fuelled robbery, two young men find themselves hiding out on a rooftop in small town Ireland. As they wait out the police guard, a quiet tragedy unfolds of those left behind by a nation’s jagged progress.
They’re also in love.
Mikey & Casey both carry the scars of their separate but similarly troubled backgrounds in this complicated play of ideas, a caustic character piece exploring love, identity and illegal substances.

Proudly Partnered with The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby


JEREMY ALLEN (Set and Graphic Design)
GIGI COOK (Stage Manager)
LEILA ENRIGHT (Creative Producer)
STEPHANIE HOWE (Costume Design)
KELSEY LEE (Lighting Design)
EDDIE ORTON (Performer - Mikey)
AMANDA STEPHENS LEE (Voice and Dialect Coach)
ELIJAH WILLIAMS (Performer - Casey)

Photography by: JASMIN SIMMONS