How Dare You
By Kate Chalmers

Photography by: Natalie Naa

Photography by: Natalie Naa


Long-time people pleaser and mild-mannered feminist Kate Chalmers has had it. Officially. So she’s gone full rebel in the long honoured style of inner city white girls—she’s written a show.

Once just another shy university researcher, improv taught Kate she could be funny, and Rupaul’s Drag Race taught her to be fierce. Now she’s harnessing her skills for a night of storytelling, stand-up, kitsch nonsense and just a dash of biostatics.

A show that explores true crime obsessions, confrontations with angry men and one woman’s journey to repair her damaged relationship with her cat, How Dare You uses empathy and humour to unpack why its easier for women to be nice than to be honest, and what it takes to stand your ground.


Written and performed by KATE CHALMERS


Dates: 26-29 September
Time: 9:30pm
Run time: 50min
Venue: The Rattlesnake Saloon, 140-146 Lygon Street, Carlton
Tickets: $15-$20

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Photography by: NATALIE NAA